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Vaccine Services for Patients

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No line, No long wait, No stress!

We offer a wide array of necessary vaccines including, but not limited to:

  • Prevnar 13 – Pneumonia
  • Pneumovax 23- Pneumonia
  • Bootrix (TDAP)- Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis Booster
  • Shingrix- Shingles
  • B-12 Vitamin Injections
  • Flu vaccines- September-March Seasonal

All of our pharmacists are licensed, accredited, and trained to provide all vaccines to any patients. We provide vaccines to all patients, ages 9 and over, who are deemed indicated for the vaccines offered. No appointment or prescription is required to receive a vaccine.

We accept all major insurance plans, and can bill all vaccines to the patient’s insurance plan, including Medicare Part B and Part D. Most times, any vaccine can be given within a 15 minute window! Upon receiving the vaccine, Brown’s Pharmacy will contact your primary healthcare provider, informing them of the vaccine you received, as well as the date, lot and expiration numbers of the vaccine. No need for the patient to do any paperwork….we take care of it all!

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