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MedSync Routine Medication Service

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Convenient Maintenance Medication

MedSync services are offered for all patients. MedSync means that all of the patient’s ROUTINE MAINTENANCE MEDS will be scheduled to automatically be filled every 30 days. This way, the patient never has to worry about calling in their refills, forgetting to refill certain medications, or picking up their medications. We will literally take care of everything the patient needs. This includes constant communication with the patient about any new medications they might receive, any dosing changes that may occur, as well as any appointments needed or physician follow-ups that may be required.

We will also be in constant communication with the physicians involved, making sure that there are plenty of refills available, that medications are correct, and that medication dosing is correct. With Medsync, the patient does not have to worry about anything, other than taking the meds they are given, and taking then as directed by their physician! This also allows the patient to be as healthy as possible, while never having to stress about anything!

Leave all of your worries to us, trust us, and just take your medications as directed daily! All of this can also be delivered on a monthly basis so the patient never has to worry about unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.

COMING SOON: Compliance Strip packaging to make taking your meds even easier!

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