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We Carry Ananda Professional CBD Products

Ananda Professional continues the pioneering commitment of Ananda Hemp by bringing to market the first fully compliant and legal CBD oil product line.

Ananda knows that pharmacists and their patients want products that are safe and effective. This exclusive professional line meets strict safety standards and features the same pharmaceutical grade full-spectrum cannabinoids brought to you by the creators of Ananda Hemp.

Brown’s Pharmacy carries different forms of delivery and varying strengths so that you can easily develop customized treatment plans.

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For nearly 20 years, Ananda geneticists, scientists and farmers have isolated the best hemp strains in the world, and that’s why we have the most superior strains on the market.


Ananda is the exclusive source of everything they grow, harvest and sell.


Ananda products are 100% compliant and proudly operate under the 2014 Farm Bill.


Ananda continuously tests their extracts to ensure quality and consistency.


Ananda full-spectrum products have multiple cannabinoids, not just one or two. Some CBD companies sell products that only contain CBD. We do not believe that CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume cannabinoids.

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